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In my function as a recording engineer and producer at the WELTRAUMSTUDIO and the REH MIT RUCKSACK STUDIO, I worked with over 50 artists in the past years. 

One thing I learned is, that every production stands and falls with the performance of the vocalist. You can have the best song in the world – when your lyrics and performance are bad, the song is bad.

So, how do you get the most out of your performance during a recording session?

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First of all your lyrics have to be outstanding good! 

→ Check this YouTube Tutorial "How to write great lyrics" by "Swiftlessons"
It's an awesome insight for beginners and also more advanced writers.

Second is, that you really need to feel your song during the vocal recording.

This is kind of challenging for several reasons: 

❌ you may be nervous
❌ you don't feel comfortable for any reason
❌ your own personal doubts & troubles
❌ distractions
❌ the list goes on...

For these situations, I build this checklist I want to share with you. 
As it turned out, it has been extremely helpful for my clients to evoke the right feeling for vocal recording sessions.

  • Imagine that you're in this specific situation of your song

Try to replay the situations you describe in your lyrics.
Confront yourself with all that feelings and don't try to control them!

Imagine you're telling your story right to the ones who need to hear it.

  • Avoid distractions

Turn of your smartphone, your social media, any other technical tools you don't need necessarily for the session.

Of course, it's important to take pictures and shots for the web. 

But first things first! Focus on a good performance and then do the documentary for your social media.

  • What is the main emotion of your song?

Try to focus on these feelings you had writing your lyrics.
Check the list "Emotions to describe your song" of suggestions I work with.

  • What is the main message of your song?

Try to explain it to yourself – don't use words and phrases of your lyrics!

Find new words, and speak them out loud.

  • Now it's time for YOU

This is not about getting famous, being paid, any likes and follows or status.

It's about you and the microphone, you and your story you want to tell the whole world. This is a magical moment and you should treat it like that! 

Do the best you can to prepare for that special day and make sure you are feeling as comfortable as possible

I really suggest creating your very own warm-up routine. 

Here is an example of how your routine could look like:

I often start my sessions with artists by speaking what the songs are about, trying to pull the conversation straight into the directions I mentioned. 

This creates a collaborative atmosphere and reduces feelings of discomfort. 

You may think some of these points sound a little bit cheesy and over the top. 
But I honestly promise you, the results you receive will be tremendous!

If you have a second, drop a comment below and share your thoughts. 
Good or bad, it’s all appreciated! 🙏🏽

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My name is Valentin and I am a music producer and studio owner from southern Germany - thanks for checking out this guide 💜

I am a musician and songwriter since 2002 - I've been all around Europe as a live musician and sound tech. 

In 2013 I found my own studio (Reh Mit Rucksack Studio) in Regensburg, where I live and work.

Since then I am producing music for artists, film and TV.

So, I am kind of an allrounder - but I love modern Hip Hop, Rap and Pop beats the most 😇

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